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Marinade - Chicken, fish, meats, and seafood

Dipping- Pizza crust, italian bread, bagels, french fries &more!

Add flavor to meals or sauces

Mashed potatoes, rice, pasta, scrambled eggs, italian hoagies, tomatoe salad, bean salad, salad dressings, & sauteed vegetables 

BRUSCHETTA- Dice 4 whole tomatoes. Add fresh chopped basil, approximatley 2 ounces of garlic sauce & a pinch of salt & pepper. Serve on top of toasted Italian bread

ROASTED GARLIC POTATOES- Boil 5-6 large potatoes until slightly softened. Cut in quarters. Mix potatoes with 1/4 cup garlic sauce & salt/pepper to taste. Add a pich of dried parsley to garnish. 

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